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General Manager

Birmingham, AL, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

The General Manager of Emerald Lounge will oversee, train, and develop all management and staff. The GM will take ownership of the lounge and make decisions based on the good of the company and all employees. The position will continually evaluate processes and staff to improve the performance of the restaurant as a whole.

Core Responsibilities:

- Meets financial objectives by controlling costs and increasing revenue.

- Ensures a high level of guest satisfaction and cultivates return business.

- Develops and upholds restaurant standard operating procedures.

- Controls purchases and makes business decisions based on revenue fluctuation.

- Controls quality of all hookah and beverage product.

- Ensures overall cleanliness and maintenance of the property is up to par.

- Evaluate hiring needs and coordinate interviews with management. Develop training documents and menu descriptions.

- Controls purchases and makes business decisions based on revenue fluctuation.

- Controls quality of all food and beverage product.

- Monitor BEOs to ensure all operational & staffing needs are complete

- Maintains safe, secure, and healthy properties by establishing, following, and enforcing sanitation standards and procedures.

- Use provided tools to analyze business patterns, labor trends, and sales history to make smart and effective business decisions.

- Gauges the morale of management and staff in the lounge and implements measures to keep employees happy and minimize turnover.

- Meets guests and develops relationships to manage the lounge from a promotional angle.

- Upholds all human resources best practices as it pertains to coaching, counseling, disciplinary, hiring, and terminations.

- Follows and ensures compliance of all standard operating procedures as outlined in Employee Handbook.


We are looking for a General Manager of the Emerald Lounge in Birmingham, Alabama.

Who we are:

  • We love what we do and what we do is important! We believe that everyone should leave feeling better – this means not just our guests, but also our teammates. Everyone should go home feeling better because they learned something new, or had fun working that day. Therefore, we hire unique individuals who work together to create amazing experiences for our guests. We recognize that every member of the team contributes to the success of the lounge. No-one is more important than anyone else, and unless we are in it together, we can’t create that special experience for our guest.

Your mission:

Should you decide to accept it…

  • Do you have a passion for not only creating…but maximizing the pleasure of an out of this world cocktail and hookah experience? Are you detail oriented with an eye and awareness of your surroundings and service delivery of your teammates? If so, then we want you to join the team here at Emerald Lounge.

  • Your direct reports, the Beverage Director and Events & Marketing Coordinator orchestrates the magic of the guest lounge experience by leading a team of passionate individuals both at the lounge and online. Our goal is to create an ambiance where locals and visitors feel at home and we always have something up our sleeve to impress. Managers of their area are committed to being present on the floor during service; directly impacting the guest and staff experience and you oversee this.

  • Train, train, train! It all starts here. You are responsible for building a team of talented individuals who never let the ball drop. This means creating and monitoring a consistent training program that keeps the team on their toes. The initial training program has to prepare our new members for what lies ahead and set them up for success. Then you follow up with daily, weekly and monthly lessons to keep everyone learning and growing -- because unlike other lounges, our menu and events will change often -- no more "same stuff" every day.

  • Communication. Monitor and track the flow of information coming to you from your Director of Beverage Services, Events & Marketing Coordinator, Bartenders, Servers and Security. Be highly involved in decisions and communication on the floor and share results with fellow teammates and superiors. Manage the communication relationship between guest and all areas involved: special requests from guests, needs of guests, service issues and guest recovery opportunities. You must communicate your expectations for your team mates clearly each shift and remain consistent in your messaging and stand on what you asked from them.

  • Leadership. This position has an enormous responsibility of keeping everyone moving in the right direction each and every day. You have to keep your team on track, energized and focused. Your team will be impacting the guest experience every minute of the day. Achieving that will take a consistent attitude about standards and service. Many people will count on you for direction and your message will need to be clear and concise.

  • Organization and Time Management. There is always a lot of progress to be done. Balancing the needs of your team, guests and business will be crucial. The outlets are designed to encourage unplanned gatherings and last minute events. You must be able to adapt to the needs and level of business to not sacrifice the guest experience. Your time management skills will be tested between having a strong floor presence, dedicated training time and business deliverables.

About the Company

Emerald Lounge is an elevated cocktail and hookah destination in the historic East Lake area of Birmingham, Alabama. We are a modern hookah lounge and cocktail bar with a beverage program focused on craft cocktails, regional beers, and small production, low intervention wines. We make our own juices and simple syrups, change our selections frequently, and run a seasonal cocktail program. We have custom mixed shishas that make for the best hookah experience.

We value hospitality above all else - extending it to our customers, co-workers, community, neighbors, and anyone else we can. We are looking for an enthusiastic General Manager to round out our team and provide an excellent guest and employee experience.

We run with 2-3 bartenders nightly, with shifts starting at 4:30pm during the week and earlier on the weekend. Tips and overall compensation is competitive, especially considering the esthetic and culture of our lounge.

We pay weekly, enjoy free parking and awesome daily staff benefits prior to each shift, and are a growing company with excellent opportunity for upward movement.

If you are a hard-working, fun, experienced General Manager looking for a new role in an upscale lounge, we can't wait to hear from you!

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